7 Tips to Ace Your Interview during the Pandemic

7 Interview Tips during the pandemic - Blog by Pinnacle Education

This read will not guarantee you the job; but we guarantee that these Interview tips will help YOU chart your own way to crack it in your style and get the job during the pandemic. Maybe after, you can come back and formulate your foolproof way to help us!

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get down to business. Grab your popcorn pen and paper and GO!

1. The Interview Prep by You

This is but the default hack. A pretty obvious one too. Brush up on your technical skills i.e., knowing your own subject as well as the current happenings on the country and the worldwide scale. Your basics are your lifeboat. Pump enough air in it. This is not a last-minute-strike-off from your to-do list. So, ensure that you have set aside time for this; and in-between different interviews.

2. The Knowledgeable You

Yes, your own pot of technical skills is vital but it is of no use if you don’t gather intel and research about the company / firm and the expected job profile. While nobody would expect you to know which deal the company finalized yesterday, it would add real value if you are aware of their forte, their management and culture. Build contacts – whether through LinkedIn, stalking their website or talking to friends of friends of friends – to understand what the job will exactly require of you. Of course, you will be an (un)biased judge only after actually doing that job; but this makes the process easier. Impressing the interviewer is a side benefit too.

3. The Profile of You

Create your CVs and resumes (if not already done) in a crisp and tailored manner and update your LinkedIn account. Avoid using bright colors and embellishments. Make sure to have two copies of your CV on you before sitting in for the interview.

4. The Presentation of You

This is all about how the interviewers perceive you. Given the short span of time, first appearances and aesthetics do matter. Pre-plan how you are going to present yourself. Dress well, look neat and make sure your body language screams ‘Present’ and ‘Here’ and ‘Poised’ (even if you’re a slouch). Your profile needs to match with how you carry yourself. Be articulate. Be attentive. Be aware. And the most important of it all – be punctual. (This means you have to be before the scheduled time).These are the little things that turn the tables at the end; don’t overlook them.

5. The Confident You

Be confident. Be polite. Be honest. Be clear. Be comfortable (pretend even if you are not; because they will pounce at the smell of weakness). Say ‘I don’t know’ to what you don’t know instead of spinning stories. They will know. Up-to-date information (#1) will definitely lessen the ‘I don’t knows’.

6. The Clear-headed You

Know what you want. Being confused at the interview will make it easier for them to eliminate you. Your mindset when you step in for the interview determines the outcome of your performance. Starting and ending with a smile is as important as relishing your favourite dessert. A ‘thank you’ at the end of the interview goes a long way too.

7. The Questioner You

Ask questions. Well-thought, concise and pre-decided questions. Anything that helps you gather that intel as mentioned in #2. Basic template questions are understanding the structure of the interview, the hierarchy of the interviewers, the number of rounds, stage of GD, the wait time before each round etc. Don’t waste time with irrelevant questions. Try to build a rapport with the interviewer. Connecting with the interviewer on LinkedIn after is a good practice. This helps both parties to narrow down on the right person for the right job.

And here’s a bonus for you. Yes, we are doing the pandemic edition of this cheat sheet. We have to stay relevant after all.

8. The Online Version of You (A Covid Spin)

The online twist to this whole process does not give you the ticket to slack of just because you have the comfort of home. Sloppy internet connection, cameos by family members, pajamas below your blazers are all-the-more worrisome. Prevention is better than cure they say; in your case it is the only way. Apply #1 to #7 to your online interviews as well.

P.S.: This is our version of the MOST important Interview tips. You can add, subtract, multiply or divide and even shuffle as per you. Hope this was a helpful one minute read for you!

Your Checklist

Have you read the above blog ‘7 Ways to Ace Your Interview During the Pandemic’? This is a little something prepared by us to make your interview process even smoother.

As the name suggests, we have summarized your need-to-know aspects in the form of a checklist. Do make sure to remember to check it off.

What to do BEFORE the interview?

      1. Deep-dive into your subject and know it like the back of your hand
      2. Quiz yourself about the Current Affairs in and around the world and your country
      3. Spend time in making your CV crisp and relevant
      4. Update your LinkedIn account
      5. Research the organization you have applied to
      6. Connect with your (maybe) future co-workers and understand the job profile
      7. Determine what you want to wear and how to conduct yourself before a mirror
      8. Practice before a mirror
      9. Test-check your internet connectivity and put a ‘Do Not Disturb’ outside your door


What to do ON THE DAY of the interview?

      1. Be punctual which means be before the designated time
      2. Be confident but clear and say ‘I don’t know’ when you don’t know
      3. Be articulate and attentive


What to do AFTER the interview?

    1. End with a thank you and a smile
    2. Connect with the interviewer on LinkedIn


Feel free to scribble more of your points and check them out. Wishing you good luck for your next Interview and hope this helps you get the job you want!

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