What to do one day before the CA Final exam

What to do one day before CA Final exam by Pinnacle Education

Generally, you will get a maximum of 20 hours to study before your exam. The best way to effectively utilise this time is to pre-plan your schedule and study material. In this article, we will be sharing some tips to help you revise efficiently in this short span.

Disclaimer: It is important for you to have completed multiple revisions of all the subjects to fully appreciate and incorporate the tips given on this blog.

How to manage your time and timetable:

We’ve bifurcated the preparation tips on the basis of practical and theory subjects here. To learn about the subject-wise schedules for the 1.5 days, visit our individual subject blogs!

1.5 days for PreparationOn the exam day
Practical Papers (FR, SFM, Costing)Go through every single concept in the textbookRefer to your mock test papers to see the mistakes and avoid repeating them
Revise your formulae multiple timesGo through case studies to understand ICAI’s flow of answering
Prepare a list of important sums to glance through, only to understand the learnings (and not to work the numbers)Go through your attempt’s RTP & MTP and then go through other RTPs, MTPs and past papers
Revise your formulae for the last time
Theory Papers (Law, Audit, DT, IDT)Use your summary notes for revision; avoid going through the detailed explanations on every sectionGo through your attempt RTP & MTP and then go through other RTPs, MTPs and past papers
Revise your list of section/ clause numbers and penalties multiple timesGo through some difficult MCQ questions and case laws.
For DT, IDT – Avoid solving questions but make sure you scribble down a rough format for important chapter sums from memoryRevise your list of section/ clause numbers and penalties for the last time.

Pro Tip: Make sure you keep in mind the section wise weightage given by ICAI.

Now that you’ve understood how the subject syllabus can be managed, below is a timeline to help you utilise the limited time at hand to the maximum:

TimeBreaks one can takeSyllabus to be coveredTarget Portion Completion
After the previous exam
5:00 PM – 12:00 AMSnacks
Important but light topics20-25%
On the exam leave day
06:00 AM – 01:00 PMBreakfast
Topics with the maximum weightage25-30%
01:00 PM – 07:00 PMSnacksMiscellaneous topics in the order of your priority15-20%
By this time, you should have got done with your 60 – 70% of the syllabus.
Analyse your progress and strategize your balance preparation.
07:00 PM – 12:00 AMDinnerMiscellaneous topics in the order of your priority15-20%
On the exam day
06:00 AM – 12:00 PMBreakfast
Finish the balance topics (if any)
Do important questions, RTPs, MTPs & past papers

*One must take the necessary breaks as per their comfort and requirement.

What you must avoid:

  1. Leave your studies an hour before your exam time so then you can be fresh for your paper.
  2. Discussing the paper once you’re home – you’ll be crying over spilt milk.
  3. Covering new topics on the eve of your exam.
  4. Attempting papers/Solving any questions on the revision days.
  5. Oily meals that may upset your belly, make you drowsy and ruin your mood.
  6. Compromising on your sleep – Rest well by sleeping for 6-7 hours before the exam day.
  7. Taking unnecessary stress/ pressure.


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